The Science You Should Have Heard About This Week

Reading science news on national newspapers is a very different experience from reading science news as a scientist looking at scientific journals. Every week, we read about flashy headlines about science that is not (or at least not yet) up to scratch but that sounds interesting or familiar to the general reader. There are countless … Read more

Does Curry Cure Cancer?

Recent attention-grabbing headlines have been suggesting that curry powder – and in particular one of its most prominent ingredients,┬áturmeric – are the newest and most exciting trend in curing cancer. Most of the hype has been due to the publication of a case report published in the British Medical Journal illustrating the case of a … Read more

Can Yoga Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer?

Those reading some of the major newspapers looking for health and science news will have stumbled onto some extraordinary claims over the past week. Apparently, the latest saving grace from the looming threat of cancer is, that’s right, yoga. As always, the Daily Mail’s headline is especially interesting: Yoga and meditation reduce the risk of … Read more