Cancer and Contraception: The Story So Far

Female contraception is an increasingly hot topic both in the world of politics and in public health circles. Convincing evidence that allowing women to control if and when to have children has a positive effect on society is steadily building up. For one, teen pregnancies negatively affect the ability of young women to graduate from … Read more

Colorectal cancer: Deepening Inequality

The colorectal cancer statistics for 2016 are out. You are probably not itching to get into bed with a hot cup of tea and read it. However, you probably should. It is one of the most interesting things I have read all month, and one of the most infuriating. Colorectal cancer occurs in the cells … Read more

Top 3 of the Week

Top Trumps On Tuesday 8th November the citizens of the mighty U.S of A made what may have seemed unthinkable a year ago, a reality. The 45th president of The United States will be Donald J Trump. Obviously, this is worrying for many reasons mainly because he is unpredictable, but what could this mean for … Read more