About me

Hi and welcome to my blog! I am really passionate about the science of all human disease – and how we can use our ever-growing understanding of it to develop new cures. I especially love writing about science, the way it is reported in the media and the impact both have on our lives.

I completed my PhD at KCL in London, England, working on the biology of melanoma, the fastest type of skin cancer in the world.
While working on my PhD research, I became really excited about learning more about how cancer cells form secondary tumors (or metastases) throughout the body.

Image credit: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/campus/guys.aspx

Metastasis is one of the most crucial areas of cancer research. 90% of patients who die from solid malignancies die from their cancer spreading throughout the body and forming metastases. In order to follow my research passions, I moved to Duke University in North Carolina to work of metastatic breast cancer and how it forms secondary tumors in the bones as a postdoctoral associate. I then transitioned into my other great passion, teaching, and am now a Lecturing Fellow with the Thompson Writing program at Duke University while carrying on my breast cancer work.

Image credit: https://www.neuro.duke.edu/about-duke-neurobiology/duke-university

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